Fear of Expressing Emotions (Alexithymia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

The fear of expressing emotions or alexithymia, or the inability to express feelings in words, affects 15 and 20% of the population and is sometimes a real psychiatric disorder. The alexithymic person cannot become aware of his emotions and express them. Definition Alexithymia ranges from a simple difficulty expressing feelings to an inability to verbalize emotions, as in some mental illnesses. The […]


Fear Of Holes (Trypophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Characteristics, Treatment

Fear of holes, or trypophobia, is a condition that causes its victims a painful emotional reaction when they see seemingly harmless images of groups of objects, especially holes. This symptom was first described on the Internet in 2005, but the medical profession does not yet recognize it. The images responsible for the emotional reaction are things as natural as honeycombs […]


Fear Of Freedom: Causes, Characteristics, Complaints, Treatment

Fear of freedom is a feeling linked to the uncertainty about the future. It can also be said that the fear of freedom is defined negatively as the absence of obstacles to realizing my will or my desires. However, this common-sense definition seems to clash with the very reality of desire: if my passion drives me, am I free? Freedom […]


Fear of Crossing Streets (Agyrophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

The fear of crossing the streets or roads is a specific type of phobia. It is sometimes called homophobia from the Greek dromos, ‘running,’ ‘racetrack,’ or agyrophobia. Causes of homophobia Dromophobia can result from a traffic accident and can therefore be classified as a subtype of panic disorder with agoraphobia (CAP). As such, dromofobia, especially fear of crossing streets alone, can be a component of […]


Fear Of Sounds (Misophonia): Symptoms, Diagnosis, Classification, Treatment

Fear of sounds is also clinically called misophonia, whose synonym we could call syndrome of exceptional acoustic sensitivity, sound frequency. People who are sensitive to certain sounds sometimes manage by blocking them out. Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound,” was proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. Misophonia is not classified […]


Fear of Work (Ergophobia): Origin, Characteristics, Consequences, Treatments

Fear of work is widespread in people, especially between 20-and 35; this disorder is clinically known as ergophobia. The result is apprehension, especially in the morning, to go to work. This fear is often related to people who do not have a profession or have learned a trade; they feel unable to perform the tasks assigned in their workspace. Characteristics of fear […]


Fear of Tornadoes or Hurricanes (Lilapsophobia): Causes, Effects, Treatment

The fear of tornadoes or hurricanes, clinically known by specialists as lilaptophobia, is abnormal. Lilaptophobia is considered the most severe type of astraphobia, which many people experience during the winter period. Causes Like many phobias, lilaptophobia is caused by an unwanted experience, specifically, tornadoes or hurricanes that cause injury, destruction, or loss of loved ones to themselves or others they know. […]


Fear of Death: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Fear of dying is a sensation that people experience when they feel that the end of their lives is near or simply the fear that is reflected when they go out to the street when they go to work, when they get up or go to bed. If we cannot prepare for birth, we try to prepare for her death because […]


Fear Of The Unknown (Xenophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Recommendations

Fear of the unknown is a sensation that people experience when they are about to face certain situations that they do not know where will take them. As human beings, we are all afraid of the unknown; we often find ourselves devoid of blurriness or uncertainty. Part of our movements and our thoughts are usually directed towards a partial reduction of […]


Fear Of Bats (Chiroptophobia): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Fear of bats, sometimes called chirocopiophobia, from the Greek χείρ – their, “hand” and πτερόν – pteron, “wing,” referring to the order of bats, and φόβος – Phobos, meaning “fear,” is a specific phobia associated with bats and common negative stereotypes and fear of bats. We could also call it pododermophobia, which refers to the fear or aversion to bats. It […]