Fear Of Cockroaches(katsaridaphobia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Fear of cockroaches – katsaridaphobia. It is a fact that cockroaches will outlive humans as they can withstand 2000 times the radiation levels that we can and can also go days without eating. Such points will not encourage people who have an extreme phobia of cockroaches. The name given to this fear of cockroaches is Katsaridaphobia.

The phobia or fear of cockroaches can be debilitating. One teacher reportedly had to quit her job because she couldn’t even bear having her students say the word “cockroaches” aloud. It would make him “freeze on the spot or sweat cold.” Once, he ran out of the shower with the soap still on when he sensed a cockroach had flown into the bathroom.

Therefore, an extreme, persistent, and unjustified fear of cockroaches can turn the life of the sick person into a nightmare.

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Causes of katsaridaphobia

Many people feel uncomfortable or scared in the presence of insects and creatures such as cockroaches. Roaches are known to dwell in dark, warm places where food is abundant. It is expected that this fear is related to the fear of the night since these crawlers usually attack at that time. This can evoke a deep fear or disgust response.

This disgusting response is often evolutionary; our prehistoric ancestors were programmed to be on the alert for these creepy crawlers when they slept in caves and out in the open.

Adults who express incredible fear at the sight of a cockroach may also unknowingly convey their fear to children who are observing them.

Most cases of childhood katsaridaphobia resolve over time. In some cases, however, it can persist into adulthood.

Symptoms of fear of cockroaches

Is widespread fear of cockroaches lead the patient to compulsive anxiety that is often difficult to handle? The phobic tries to clean his house thoroughly to ensure these critters stay away. Constant spraying of insecticides in the house and the car, sweeping and brushing carpets and rugs, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, etc., to deter cockroaches, are some of the signs of katsaridaphobia.

Also, the phobic may experience physical symptoms after seeing a cockroach:

  • Generally, people freeze or remain frozen
  • Crying and screaming
  • Feeling dizzy or weak in the knees, fainting
  • Have an elevated heart rate
  • Fast breathing
  • Having a complete panic attack in which one feels choking, experiences chest pains, etc.

Katsaridaphobia can sometimes get out of control or very dangerous when the phobic runs or rushes on the traffic road or tries to eliminate cockroaches while driving, etc., leading to severe accidents.

Overcome katsaridaphobia

The good news for people with extreme fear of cockroaches is that it can be overcome. Many therapies are available today to help overcome different types of specific phobias.

Gradual desensitization or exposure therapy is one of the most common methods of overcoming zoophobias such as katsaridaphobia. This includes looking at photos of roaches, touching a dead bug, and gradually progressing to being in the same room as the roaches without experiencing a panic attack.

Hypnotherapy is another effective way to overcome katsaridafobia. It can help the phobics get to the bottom of their fear and change their thoughts about cockroaches.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy can also help rationalize your fear of cockroaches.

Not all patients work the same treatment. Therefore, discussing fear with a professional without feeling embarrassed openly is essential. In this way, the correct line of treatment can be decided to help overcome katsaridaphobia once and for all.

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