Fear Of Losing Control (Agoraphobia): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The fear of losing control is widespread in people who are constantly under pressure either in the workplace or in housework, in studies, or while performing any activity that generates anguish that they cannot achieve and that gets out of hand. Many people suffer from this disorder; They do not even dare. In most cases, they do not complete the […]


Fear of Travel (Hodophobia): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Tips

Fear of travel is a personalized phobia – some people may fear being away from home at a certain distance. Others may fear certain types of transportation – planes, trains, ships, boats, road trips; However, fear of flying is separate from homophobia. Other people may fear any journey. Symptoms of Hodophobia As with other phobias, people with homophobia experience intense fear at the thought […]


Fear of Flying in an Airplane (Aerophobia): Symptoms, Characteristics, Treatment

Fear of flying in an airplane (airplane) or another flying vehicle, such as a helicopter, while in flight. It is also known as flying phobia, flying phobia, aviophobia, or aerophobia (although the latter also means fear of drafts or the outdoors). Symptoms People with a fear of flying experience intense and persistent fear or anxiety when considering flying and during flight. They will avoid […]


Fear Of Technology (Technophobia): Characteristics, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The fear of technology, known in medical terminology known as technophobia, refers to exaggerated and uncontrollable anxiety about technological tools. It may require treatment when it becomes disabling in daily life. Characteristics Technophobia is defined as excessive and irrational anxiety when using high-tech tools, such as computers. Depending on the case, it refers to technology in general or specific devices in particular. This phobia can […]


Dental Fear (Dentophobia): Assessment, Causes, Treatments, Help The Patient

Dental fear, the anxiety, dental and dental phobia are often used interchangeably. We can also say that it is a normal emotional reaction to one or more specific threatening stimuli in the dental situation. However, dental anxiety is indicative of a state of apprehension that something terrible is going to happen about dental treatment and is usually accompanied by a feeling […]


Fear Of Loud Sounds (Sonophobia): Classification, Characteristics, Treatment

Fear of loud sounds is what we will try to develop in this article; for aversion to specific sounds, such as eating or coughing, see Myophonia. For fear of making or receiving phone calls, for example. Classification and external resources Phonophobia, also called logophobia or sonophobia, is fear or aversion to loud sounds, a specific type of phobia. It can also […]


Fear Of A Person (Anthropophobia): Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The fear of a person or blefobia is a psychological disorder characterized by fear of panic in the eyes of others. This phobia can be disabling, especially in professional life, but it can be effectively treated. Characteristics Islamophobia is a social phobia. It is characterized by an intense and irrational fear of others. It should not be confused with simple shyness. Blemmophobes are so […]


Fear of Bathing (Ablutophobia): Characteristics, Symptoms, Treatment

Fear of bathing or ablutophobia (from the Latin ablution ‘to wash’) is the persistent, abnormal, and unjustified fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning oneself. Generally, children and women are the ones who suffer from this phobia, according to studies published by experts, whereas men have a meager percentage. Other specialists indicate that the condition in children is changeable since hygiene habits […]


Fear of Sleeping Alone (Somniphobia): ​​Causes, Therapeutic Treatments, Tips

Fear of sleeping can only be traumatic for some people. According to some studies, whether they are children or adults, this fear affects primarily women who, in most cases, hate sleeping alone. However, men do not escape this fear that Sometimes the regular hours of sleep and rest that every person should have becomes chronic. The fear of sleeping alone can result […]


Fear Of Germs (Mysophobia): Signs, Causes, Consequences, Treatment

Mysophobia, or fear of germs, is the irrational fear of being in contact with or contaminated by dirt or germs. It is a fear that belongs to the family of phobias and OCD. It is often difficult to live with; it causes panic attacks that can lead to unconsciousness. Follow-up by a psychiatrist or psychologist is necessary to learn to live better […]