Phobias are classified as an anxiety disorder, which is characterized by an intense, irrational fear of an object, activity, or situation. Phobias can be extremely debilitating, as they can cause individuals to go to great lengths to avoid the object or situation that they fear. While there are many different types of phobias, some of the most common include fears of heights, enclosed spaces, public speaking, and insects.

The first category is animal phobias, which are the most common type of phobia. Animal phobias include fear of dogs, snakes, rodents, and birds. The second category is natural environment phobias, which include fear of heights, storms, water, and flying. The third category is a blood-injection-injury phobia, which is the fear of blood, needles, or injuries. The fourth category is situational phobias, which include fear of confined spaces, bridges, and elevators. The fifth and final category is other phobias, which include fear of clowns, ghosts, and death. There are many different types of phobias, but they can generally be divided into five

A–Z List of Some of the More Common Phobias

There are many different types of phobias, which can make it difficult to identify and diagnose them. However, some of the more common phobias include:


(Ablutophobia) – Fear of Bathing
(Achondroplasiaphobia ) – Fear Of Dwarves
(Acrophobia) – Phobia Of Heights
(Aerophobia) – Fear of Flying in an Airplane
(Aerophobia) – Fear of Flying
(Agoraphobia) – Fear of Open Spaces
(Agyrophobia) – Fear of Crossing Streets
(Ailurophobia) – Cat Phobia
(Alexithymia) – Fear of Expressing Emotions
(Allodoxaphobia) – Fear Of Opinions
(Amaxophobia) – Fear Of Driving
(Anthophobia) – Fear Of Flowers
(Anthropophobia) – Fear Of People
(Anthropophobia) – Fear Of A Person
(Aquaphobia) – Water Phobia
(Arachibutyrophobia) – Fear of Peanut Butter
(Arachnophobia) – Fear Of Spiders
(Astraphobia) – Fear Of Thunder Lightning
(Atychiphobia) – Fear Of Failure
(Autophobia ​​) – Fear of Being Alone
(Agoraphobia) – Fear of Getting Trapped
(Ailurophobia) – The Fear Of Cats
(Alektorophobia) – Fear Of Chickens
(Anatidaephobia) – Fear Of Ducks
(Anemophobia) – Fear Of The Air
(Anthropophobia) – Fear of Socializing
(Automatonophobia) – Fear Of Human Figures
(autophobia) – Fear Of Ourselves


(Basophobia) – Fear Of Falls
(Belonephobia) – Fear Of Needles
(Blatophobia) – Cockroach Phobia
(Botanophobia) – Fear Of Plants
(Bovinophobia or Taurophobia) – Fear Of Cows
(Bananaphobia) – Fear Of Bananas
(Bromidrophobia) – Fear Of Smells


(Cacomorphobia) – Fear Of Fat People
(Carcinophobia) – Fear Of Cancer
(Catoptrophobia) – Fear Of Mirrors
(Cetaphobia) – Fear Of Whales
(Cherophobia) – Fear Of Happiness
(Chionophobia ) – Fear Of Snow
(Chiroptophobia) – Fear Of Bats
(Chromophobia) – Fear Of Colors
(chromophobia) – Fear of money
(Chronophobia) – Fear of the Future
(Cibophobia) – Fear Of Food
(Claustrophobia) – Fear Of Closed Spaces
(Coulrophobia) – Fear Of Clowns
(Coulrophobia) – Clown Phobia
(Cucurbitophobia) – Fear Of Pumpkins
(Cyberphobia) – Fear Of Computers
(Cynophobia) – Fear Of Dogs
(Chorophobia) – Fear of Dancing
(Chronophobia) – Fear of Time
(Claustrophobia) – Fear Of Elevators


(Deipnophobia) – Fear of Dinner Conversations
(Dementophobia) – Fear Of Insanity
(Dentophobia) – Dental Fear
(Didaskaleinophobia) – School Fear
(Disposophobia) – Fear Of Getting Rid Of Things
(Dysmorphophobia ) – Fear Of Deformity
(Daemonophobia) – Fear Of Demons
(Dementophobia) – Fear of Going Crazy


(Emetophobia) – Fear of Vomiting
(Entamaphobia) – Fear of Doors
(Ephebiphobia) – Fear Of Youth
(Ephebiphobia) – Fear Of Children
(Equinophobia) – Fear Of Horses
(Ergophobia) – Fear of Work
(Erotophobia) – Fear Of Sexuality
(Escalaphobia) – The Fear Of Escalators
(Ecclesiophobia) – Fear Of The Church
(eleutheromaniacs) – Fear Of Freedom
(emetophobia) – Fear of Vomiting
(Epiplaphobia) – Fear Of Furniture
(erotophobia) – Fear of Sex
(Eurotophobia) – Fear Of Female Genitalia


(Frigophobia) – Fear of Cold
(Fructophobia) – Fear Of Fruits


(Galeophobia) – Fear Of Sharks
(Gelotophobia) – Fear Of Being Laughed At
(Genophobia) – Fear Of Sex
(Genophobia) – Fear Of Intimacy
(Gephyrophobia) – Fear Of Bridges
(Gerascophobia) – Fear of Aging
(Glossophobia) – Fear of Public Speaking
(Graphophobia or Scriptophobia) – The Fear of Writing
(Gynophobia) – Fear Of Women
(genuphobia) – Knee Fear
(Glossophobia) – Fear of Speaking
(Gymnophobia) – Fear Of Nudity


(Hedonophobia) – Fear of Pleasure
(Hematophobia) – Fear Of Blood
(Hemophobia) – Blood Phobia
(Herpetophobia) – Fear Of Reptiles
(Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia) – Fear Of Long Words
(Hodophobia) – Fear of Travel
(Homophobia) – Fear Of Homosexuals
(Hoplophobia) – Fear of Firearms
(Hydrophobia) – Fear of Water
(Hypnophobia) – Fear of Sleep
(Hypochondria) – Fear Of Illness
(Haphephobia) – Fear Of Being Touched
(hauntophobia) – Fear Of Haunted Houses
(Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia) – Fear Of Number 666
(Hypengyophobia) – Fear Of Responsibility


(Ichthyophobia) – Fear Of Fish
(Ideophobia) – Fear Of Ideas
(Iatrophobia) – Fear Of Doctors
(ichthyophobia) – Fear of Seafood


(katsaridaphobia) – Fear Of Cockroaches
(Kompounphobia) – Button Phobia
(Koumpounophobia) – Fear Of Buttons


(Lepidopterophobia) – Fear Of Butterflies
(Lilapsophobia) – Fear of Tornadoes or Hurricanes
(Lachanophobia) – The Fear Of Vegetables


(Mageirocophobia) – Fear of Cooking
(Metathesiophobia) – Fear Of Changing Things
(Mottephobia) – Fear Of Moths
(Mysophobia) – Fear Of Germs
(Maskaphobia) – Fear Of Masks
(Megalophobia) – Fear of Large Objects
(Melissophobia) – Fear Of Bees
(metathesiophobia) – Fear Of Moving
(Metrophobia) – Fear of Poetry
(Motorcyclophobia) – Fear Of Motorcycles
(musophobia) – Fear Of Mice


(Nomophobia) – Cell Phone Fear
(Nosocomephobia) – Fear Of Hospitals
(Nosophobia) – Fear Of Illness
(Numerophobia or Arithmophobia) – Fear Of Numbers
(Nyctophobia) – Fear Of The Dark
(Necrophobia) – Fear Of Corpses


(Ochlophobia) – Fear Of Crowds
(Omphalophobia) – Navel phobia
(Ophidiophobia) – Fear Of Snakes
(Ornithophobia) – Bird Phobia
(Ornithophobia) – Fear Of Birds
(Oikophobia) – Fear Of Houses


(Papaphobia) – Fear of the Pope
(Pediophobia) – Fear Of Dolls
(Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia) – The Fear Of Ghosts
(philematophobia) – Fear of Kissing
(Philophobia) – Fear Of Falling In Love
(Philophobia) – Fear Of A Relationship
(Photophobia) – Fear Of Light
(Pluviophobia) – Fear Of Rain
(Pogonophobia) – Fear of Beards
(Pogonophobia) – Fear Of Success
(Pyrophobia ) – Fear of Fire
(Papyrophobia) – Fear of Paper
(Paraphobia) – Fear of Sexual Perversion
(Paraskevidekatriaphobia) – Fear Of Friday The 13th
(Phagophobia) – Fear of Swallowing
(Pseudodysphagia) – Fear Of Choking
(Phallophobia) – Fear Of An Erection
(Pharmacophobia) – Fear Of Medications
(Philophobia) – Fear of Love
(Phobophobia) – The Fear Of Phobias
(Podophobia) – Fear Of Feet


(Ranidaphobia) – Fear Of Frogs
(Rhabdophobia) – Fear Of Magic


(Samhainophobia) – Fear of Halloween
(Scelerophobia) – Fear Of Crime
(Scopophobia) – Fear Of Being Watched
(Sedatephobia ) – Fear of Silence
(Seismophobia) – Fear Of Earthquakes
(Sidonglobophobia ) – The Fear Of Cotton Balls
(Somniphobia ​​) – Fear of Sleeping Alone
(Sonophobia) – Fear Of Loud Sounds
(Scopophobia) – Fear Of Being Stared At
(Selenophobia) – Fear of Moonlight
(Siderodromophobia) – Fear Of Trains


(Tachophobia) – The Fear Of Speed
(Taphophobia) – Fear of Being Buried Alive
(Technophobia) – Fear Of Technology
(Telefonophobia) – Phobia To Talk On The Phone
(Thanatophobia) – Fear Of Death
(Tokophobia) – Fear of Pregnancy
(Trichophobia) – Fear of Hair
(Trypophobia) – Fear Of Holes
(Teraphobia) – Fear Of Monsters
(Tokophobia) – Fear of Childbirth
(Tomophobia) – Fear Of Medical Procedures
(Tonsurephobia) – Fear of Cutting Your Hair


(Vermiphobia or Helminthobia) – Fear Of Worms


(Wiccaphobia) – The Fear Of Witches


(Xenophobia) – Fear Of The Unknown
(xenophobia) – Fear Of Strangers
(Xylophobia) – Fear Of Wooded Areas


(Zeusophobia) – Fear Of God
(Zuigerphobia) – Fear Of Vacuum Cleaners

Other Fears and Phobias:

Fear Of Abandonment
Fear of Death
(Pyrophobia) – Fear of Fire
Fear Of Insects
Fear of rejection behaviors and their consequences
Specific Phobias
Social phobia
Fear Of Vulnerability
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Urination
(Neophobia) – Fear Of The New