Personality type is a way of categorizing people based on their personality traits. There are many different personality types, and each type has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing your personality type can help you to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others. It can also give you a better understanding of how others see you. There are many different personality types, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your psychological personality type can help you to find a career that suits you, or to understand why you don’t get along with certain people.

Different psychological personality types

Every person has certain traits, actions, and characteristics that make them unique. While some people are outgoing, others prefer remaining in the background and that difference is in their personality type. There are many different personality types, each with their own set of characteristics and behaviors that tell others about them and the way they interact with others.

ENFJ Personality – The ENFJ personality type is characterized by being sincere, compassionate, and empathetic. ENFJs use their extraverted feelings to measure and judge others. Since ENFJs are sincere and straightforward, they have a great capacity for understanding others.

ENFP Personality – The ENFP personality type is outgoing, enthusiastic, imaginative, quick-thinking, intuitive, and idealistic. ENFPs love to entertain, and they’re happiest when surrounded by people, places, and experiences that make them happy.

ENTJ PersonalityENTJs are one of the most intuitive, logical, and creative of all personality types. Their dominant function is Extraversion, meaning they enjoy interacting with people, and they like to take the initiative. They are also known as leaders.

ENTP Personality – The ENTP personality type focuses on initiating change and solving problems. They have tremendous energy, and are thoughtful, creative, intuitive, and driven. ENTPs are motivated by a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world.

ESFJ Personality – The ESFJ, or Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging, personality type is one of the sixteen on the Enneagram, which is a tool that is used to determine personality development and behavior. Also known as the “Four of Cups,” the ESFJ is characterized by its capacity to deeply connect with people.

ESFP PersonalityENFPs are charismatic, imaginative, and very creative. They have a dominant personality that makes them lively and outgoing. ENFPs enjoy being in the spotlight, and like to put others at ease, making them excellent presenters. ENFPs tend to be enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic.

ESTJ PersonalityESTJs have a much stronger sense of ethics. ESTJs believe in sacrificing something for the greater good. They are also extremely loyal and generally will stick with someone for countless years. ESTJs have a great work ethic, and will constantly work hard.

ESTP Personality – The ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality type is known as “the workhorse”—they have a natural desire to give, work hard, and get things done. They enjoy getting along with others they’re working with and don’t mind being in charge of people. They are easily motivated and enjoy working independently.

INFJ PersonalityINFJs tend to be imaginative, intuitive, and introverted. They live according to their own ideas and beliefs, keep an open mind, and prefer to be alone. They prefer to analyze problems with their minds instead of getting involved with them. They communicate a lot and are sensitive to other people’s feelings.

INFP Personality – The INFP personality type can be described with the phrase “quiet and reserved on the outside, but warm and expressive on the inside.” They are reserved, but kind, gentle people. They have a deep passion for the arts and tend to enjoy literature, music, and art. INFPs are highly creative and imaginative. They have strong inner feelings and love expressing them.

INTJ PersonalityINTJ personality types are logical, precise, and analytical. They are highly intuitive with a keen intellect. INTJs have driven individuals who want to do things right. They are perfectionists who set goals for themselves and work towards accomplishing them. They enjoy using their analytical minds to make improvements.

INTP Personality – The INTP personality is dominant, intuitive, feeling, and judging. They enjoy deep conversations and usually spend a great deal of time analyzing their thoughts and feelings. INFPs value people but require much time to develop friendships and meaningful relationships.

ISFJ Personality – The ISFJ personality is motivated by the moral qualities of justice, benevolence, and loyalty. ISFJs seek to understand others, so tend to be empathetic. ISFJs are passionate about justice, which is why they may seek to serve in the military or in law enforcement.

ISFP Personality – The ISFP personality type is a very sociable person who prefers the company of others rather than being alone. They enjoy good company and a good chat. Their ideal environment is one of quiet contemplation, but they need a good social interaction to feel content.

ISTJ Personality – The ISTJ personality type is “the mechanic,” or the “fixer” of the group. The ISTJ has a natural ability to get things done and solves problems as they come up. ISTJs are highly organized, and methodical, and enjoy using their skills to help others.

ISTP Personality – The ISTP personality type is defined by their honesty, practical, and logical approach to life. ISTPs carry themselves well and are very dependable when tasks are involved. They are good team players.