Fear Of Numbers(Numerophobia or Arithmophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Overcoming

Fear of numbers – Numerophobia or Arithmophobia. It is the exaggerated, constant, and often irrational fear of numbers. Arithmophobia and Numerophobia have Latin / Greek origins, where the root word means numbers, and photos are Greek for “deep aversion or fear.” Many people around the world fear numbers. Some may specifically fear numbers like 13 (Triskaidekaphobia), 666 (Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia), or 8 (Octophobia) […]


Fear of Being Buried Alive(Taphophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Fear of being buried alive – Taphophobia. It is the irrational fear of being buried alive. It is closely related to other phobias such as fear of death (Thanatophobia), fear of tombstones (Placophobia), fear of cemeteries (Coimetrophobia), and fear of narrow and closed spaces (Claustrophobia), etc. The word Taphophobia comes from the Greek Paphos, which means “graves or graves,” and Phobos which means “deep fear […]


Fear Of Hospitals(Nosocomephobia): Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Fear of Hospitals – Nosocomophobia is the extreme fear of hospitals. It is a fairly common phobia; many people (including United States President Richard Nixon) are known to suffer from it. Nixon’s comment that “if I go to a hospital, I’m pretty sure I won’t get out of it alive” is well known. Nosocomephobia is derived from Greek and Latin words. In Greek, ‘noses’ […]


Fear Of Youth (Ephebiphobia): Lexicology, Similar Terms, Causes

The fear of youth or ephebiphobia is the fear of being young to go through that process that some qualify as the most complicated stage of life. Experts say this fear is first coined as “fear or hatred of teenagers.” Today the phenomenon is recognized as the “inaccurate, exaggerated and sensational characterization of young people” in several settings worldwide. Studies on […]


Fear Of Computers (Cyberphobia): Causes, Symptoms, Medications

Fear of computers or cyberphobia is a concept introduced in 1980, described as a specific phobia expressed as “an irrational fear or aversion to computers” or, more generally, fear and inability to learn about new technologies. Some forms of cyberphobia can range from the more passive forms of technophobia of the indifferent towards cyberspace to the responses of those who see […]


Fear Of Sexuality (Erotophobia): Symptoms, Diagnosis, Psychological Studies

The fear of sexuality, also known as Erotophobia, is a term coined by several researchers in the late 1970s and early 1980s to describe a pole in a continuum of attitudes and beliefs about sexuality. The continuum model is a polarized baseline, with Erotophobia (fear of sex or negative attitudes about sex) at one extreme and gerontophilia (positive feelings or attitudes […]


Fear Of Cancer (Carcinophobia): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Advice

Fear of cancer, also known as carcinophobia, is an anxiety disorder characterized by a chronic fear of developing cancer. It can manifest itself in tremendous feelings of sadness, fear, panic, and anguish. In some cases, the phobia can be so extreme that it prevents the individual from leading an everyday life. It is the most common type of health-related phobia. The incidence […]


Fear Of Colors (Chromophobia): Symptoms, Terms, Associates, Causes, Treatment

The fear of colors, clinically known as chromophobia, is an irrational and persistent fear or aversion to colors and is generally a conditioned response. Specialists have certified that although the fear of colors may seem isolated, it often manifests itself with hormonal and psychological processes. Within cell biology, “chromophobic” cells are classified as cells that do not attract hematoxylin and are related to chromatolysis. […]


Specific Fear: Diagnoses, Characteristics, Types, Treatments

A specific fear is an anxiety disorder that amounts to an irrational or irrational fear related to exposure to particular objects or situations. As a result, the affected person tends to avoid contact with objects or situations and, in severe cases, any mention or representation of them. Fear can be disabling for your daily life. It is essential to mention that specific fear […]


Fear of Cold (Frigophobia): Characteristics, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Fear of cold or frigophobia is a phobia related to the fear of being too cold. Those who suffer from this problem wrap themselves in heavy clothing and blankets, regardless of the ambient air temperature. This disorder has been linked to other psychological conditions such as hypochondria and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In a 1975 study among ethnic Chinese in Taiwan, it was observed that Phrygophobia might be culturally linked […]