Extrasensory Perception – Definition, History, Types, And How It Works

Extrasensory Perception

Have you ever had a dream that later came true, perhaps making you wonder if you had predicted the future? Have you ever felt that someone’s thoughts were reaching you directly, or that you were aware of someone else’s thoughts without any direct communication with them? Certainly many people have claimed to have had experiences like these. The real question is whether such experiences are mere coincidences or a reflection of normal anxieties, or alternatively, do they reflect the performance of any perception extrasensory simply do not understand?

What is extrasensory perception?

Also called sixth sense or second sight, it includes the supposed reception of information not obtained through the recognized physical senses, but is detected with the mind. The term was adopted by Duke University psychologist JB Rhine to denote psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathy, psychometry, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, and their transtemporal operation as precognition or retrocognition.

Extrasensory perception is defined by parapsychologists as the acquisition by a human or animal mind of information that it could not have received through normal sensory means. Some researchers, however, disagree with the term “extrasensory perception”, since they protest that the phenomena may not be “perception” at all, since the receiver of this information does not know whether the knowledge is correct or incorrect when he perceives it. for the first time.

Contrary to common usage, a parapsychologist is not a psychic, mentalist, astrologer, or someone who gives psychic readings, he is generally a scientist who is seriously interested in the paranormal (or anomalous phenomena).

History of ESP

The term was used in 1870 by Sir Richard Burton, a French researcher, Dr. Paul Joire, in 1892 he used it to describe the ability of the person who had been hypnotized or was in a trance to feel things externally without using their ordinary senses .

The phenomenon of ESP activity has been indicated much earlier, some even in Biblical times, although there is no clear evidence for the certainty of the phenomena, it has attracted the attention and enthusiasm of many over the centuries.

In the 1920s, a Munich ophthalmologist, Dr. Rudolph Tischner, used this type of perception to describe the “externalization of sensation.” Then, in the 1930s, the American parapsychologist JB Rhine popularized the term to include psychic phenomena similar to sensory functions. Rhine was one of the first parapsychologists to evaluate extra-sensory perception phenomena in the laboratory.

The first systematic study was carried out in 1882, when the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London, this society’s journals Proceedings and Journal and other publications were published in the United States and the Netherlands, soon other countries reported findings Similar.

However, these early ESP studies were rarely experimental, the studies mainly consisted of spontaneous incidents that were localized. Many of the individuals studied were self-proclaimed “sensitive” or psychic, seldom examined under similar laboratory conditions. The investigators who conducted the examinations resembled the prosecuting attorneys, subjects were bombarded with questions, those who stood up best were judged credible.

Types of extrasensory perceptions

There are nine types, which are the following:


It refers to the ability to see the future , although the scientific community in general rejects precognition due to the lack of proof, there are many scientific explanations available to explain it.

Experiments conducted by the Laboratory of Parapsychology at Duke University show that the human mind has a habit along with the ability to subconsciously predict the outcome of events by judging current circumstances, such predictions, if they later come true, are related with precognition. Nostradamus is one of the most famous people known for his predictions, as he has reportedly predicted various events throughout history that occurred long after his death.


It refers to the ability to see in the distant past , it can be as simple as recognizing a place, or a person, or in some way knowing what happened in a certain situation that had nothing to do with the moment it happened. When someone experiences déjà vu it could be a simple instance of retrocognition, someone with retrocognition skills could possibly tell you right now what it was like to be a passenger on the Titanic when it sank in 1912.


It refers to the ability to read and the thoughts of other people. Telepathy allows a person to communicate with one or more people using their mind and no other sensory information, if you have ever gotten that close to someone, you can say what they are thinking, you may not be a telepath, but you can understand the idea behind this particular type of ESP.


It refers to the ability to see objects or events that are happening to another person , it is similar to telepathy, clairvoyance refers to the ability to obtain knowledge about a person, event or thing without sensory information. Although it is normally believed to be strongest during meditation, many psychics can gain insight into the past, present, and future in a variety of settings.

Clear hearing

It refers to the ability to hear objects or events that are happening to another person , without any other additional sensory information, just like clairvoyance, clairaudience is believed to be stronger during meditation, many clairauditors can get information in a variety of environments.

Clarification or clear sense

It refers to the ability to perceive a feeling throughout the body , without any stimulus related to the feeling or information, since they can physically tune into other people, places or emotional experiences of animals. This is considered a type of telepathy that allows one to feel emotions , it comes from one’s ability to tune into the vibration and feel the aura.


It refers to the ability to communicate with the dead by channeling their spirits . Most use a variety of types of ESP, including clairvoyance and clear hearing to obtain their information.

Clear smell

It refers to the ability to smell aromas that are not detected by everyone else , it is believed that these aromas are projected by spirits.

How Extrasensory Perception Works

Most likely, you have never been abducted by aliens and you probably don’t know anyone who has happened to you but undoubtedly, you or someone close to you has had the seemingly paranormal experience of “seeing” the future or distant events. Most of us have dreamed of something that finally came true, had a correct hunch about an event miles away or predicted an outgoing phone call from an old friend. The experience is incredibly weird, really creepy, but it happens all the time.

So what is going on here? It depends on who you ask. A significant part of the world’s population attributes these strange events to extrasensory perception, a special sense beyond vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unlike the ordinary senses, this one has a practically limitless range, and is experienced mainly as thoughts.

The other opinion holds that there is nothing supernatural about these events at all, these things happen, skeptics say, but they are perfectly in accordance with mainstream science.

Most parapsychologists recognize that the skeptical point of view is largely beneficial to the public’s understanding of ESP phenomena. High-profile skeptics, such as former magician James Randi, help shift discussion away from emotional responses and toward logical analysis by exposing false psychics and providing other reasonable explanations for apparent paranormal phenomena. By explaining the coincidence statistics and tricks of the magic trade, these skeptics get the public to think critically about their beliefs and assumptions.

What to do if you are suspected of having ESP?

It is believed that everyone has the ability to use it in some way because we can all capture the various energies that exist, for many of us, we do not know how to develop those psychic powers. There are many ways to develop and improve your psychic abilities, but you must be willing to practice and believe that it can be done, tests are available for many of the most common abilities, if you suspect that your abilities go beyond predicting the next song in Radio.

In the meantime, you can communicate with psychics online to help you discover more about your past, present, or future. Although psychics simply won’t tell you what will happen in your future, they can provide the guidance you need so that you can pinpoint where you will be happy in the future.

How to develop extrasensory perception skills?

Many people think “I would like to try and develop ESP skills”, some think they have always had them but never really developed them, others think it is all silly, but it might be nice to try. Here I would like to present to you a list of ways you could use it to aid your development, healing, or psychic abilities.


The desire to develop your skills in any field of life is a requirement, as it is what fuels the engine, ignites the spark and propels you towards your goals. Desires can develop as a result of a great interest in something or as a result of a great need, either way it is good. Try to remember when you had a lasting wish and see if you have a similar one to develop your psychic or healing abilities now.


Belief is another important aspect, especially in this field, but this time you not only need to believe that you are capable of achieving your goal, but you first have to believe that this goal is something that can be achieved.

If you are skeptical of all things parapsychology, you will not believe it and as such you probably also do not have a lasting desire and then you are destined to fail.

Talk to experienced people

If belief is your main concern or if you just don’t know how to get started, try to find people who are already on this path. Actually, the number of people doing healing and psychic work is quite large, even more people have been studying this and participating in their lives, but they are not public about it.

Most people are still very concerned about these issues, so “capable” people don’t usually show their skills to everyone, but if you dig deeper into your friends list, maybe you could find someone who has studied something, or who have gone to a psychic. You just have to talk, make them feel free to talk about it with you, finding the right people to guide you on this path can be difficult, but it is important and encouraging.

Find a teacher

After talking to people, some will tell you about a good teacher or an organization that offers workshops in their field of interest. Try to understand which ones are good, contact them and ask to enroll in an upcoming course or maybe a more private teaching is possible, which is even better. Finding a great teacher is a great way to start and this will also allow you to meet more like-minded people.


Meditation is a skill in itself and it also has many different schools and techniques, try to find information on meditation and find the style that suits you best. You don’t have to go long to get the feeling and start to reap the benefits, which are better control over your thoughts, calm, and general awareness.

Read books

As with anything you want to learn in life, reading books is one of the best and cheapest sources of knowledge, get good book references from your teachers and friends. Go to Amazon and read the comments, go to blogs and read reviews, for example.

Search on the internet

The Internet is full of information on ESP, healing, and psychic abilities. However, not all sites are good and serious, take the time to browse and read on the net.

Exercises and practice

You can’t develop anything until you exercise, that’s true for sports, math, and of course for ESP, find good exercises and invest the time. Mind power is the same as physical power, you need exercises to increase your abilities.

Exercise in small groups – exercising alone is good, but exercising in a group setting is much better. Find some friends who are also interesting like you and are on a similar level and exercise together, many energy exercises are best done in pairs.

Experience it

If your desire is to learn healing or psychic abilities, go to an experienced healer the next time you have a problem, especially one that regular doctors don’t know how to cure (as most of them, actually). Experiencing healing, if successful, can go a long way in furthering both your belief and your desire. A reading from a good psychic can also make you a believer.

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