Fear Of Moving: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

The fear of moving often causes physical but also psychological disorders . Leaving home, family space, or habits can be difficult. At first glance, the idea of ​​conquering a new place seems impossible and this test can quickly be perceived as stressful, scary, but in itself just as exciting.

Why can a movement cause an emotional shock?

The move represents a change in your daily life and in some cases it can be linked to a loss of identity. We must remember that we build ourselves in contact with the environment and associate strong images and memories with places. Birthdays, family celebrations, spontaneous meetings between friends. This set contributes to the creation of the individual’s social and cultural identity.

In itself, we evolve with interactions that appeal to our 5 senses. Thus, a movement does not destroy a personality , but modifies the maps of our social landscape and implies the feeling of annihilation of the moments lived in that landscape.

This loss of reference points is even more obvious when changing cities, and in itself this fear can be related to other factors such as the stress of moving or simply the fear of change.

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Are these fears abnormal?

No, any change generates stress, it is like a mechanism in our body that is alarmed because it is about to change and has to adapt to a new situation and context. The current time

The society we live in commands us to want to control everything. Indeed, it is now considered important to be a good manager of life; this willingness to manage everything, to know absolutely everything about their places seems to allow us to access a certain serenity.

Therefore, it is normal for a change to be alarming. The fear of losing this stability grows when moving. What needs to be changed is the perspective of perception of the move.

Finally, it happens very often that we confuse change and lose something. It’s like the saying “you know what you lose, but you don’t know what you find.” However, this confusion is often false.

We must not forget that we are, above all, design beings , as Lacroix would say. Nothing is fixed, we are constantly evolving and our projects are in themselves what motivates us and allows us to live.

It is also important to point out that man is not what he is, he is what he is not, as Sartre says. So yes, this fear is also a wish, a wish in itself ontological. For many people, change is no longer a utopia, it becomes a necessity, a need that is firmly rooted in our customs.

Even environmental disasters challenge each of us to follow the imperative of change. Sloterdjik is a good example with his essay entitled “You must change your life.”

When can the evaluation be considered alarming?

Burnout is a phenomenon that also exists in the context of moving. Specialists indicate that they are included next to death and rupture in the list of the most traumatic events in life. A move is a test, you have to accept separation from friends, habits, the safety of a family environment.

It is essential to understand that change reactivates all previous experiences of separation and brings with it suffering and pain. If anxiety and sadness become disabling on a daily basis, it may be necessary to contact a specialist.

How to prepare and deal with the fear of moving

To ensure that you do not feel distressed on the day of your move, you can consult with your doctor or seek the help of people who are experts in doing this type of work.

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