Fear of Death: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Fear of dying is a sensation that people experience when they feel that the end of their lives is near or simply the fear that is reflected when they go out to the street when they go to work, when they get up or go to bed. If we cannot prepare for birth, we try to prepare for her death because she is in our future, more or less close, and if it is imposed on us, which is inevitable; however, we believe that we can have an action on her.


For most human beings, preparing for death is, in the first place, trying to tame it to make it, if not a friend, at least a familiar thought and therefore less scary because that is the real problem. and the causes of developing this fear:

  • The fear of dying
  • The fear of the unknown,
  • The fear of what eludes us.
  • Therefore, we must prepare for his death to exorcise fear.

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Indeed, there are exceptions, and many human beings say they are not afraid of death. Often, they have succeeded in replacing fear with faith, wisdom, or resignation. Yet, death remains a recurring heartbreak for most of us, among some symptoms.

  • Anguish.
  • Fear.
  • Palpitations

Related fears

And when human beings are not afraid of dying, other fears await them because death carries with it a whole series of worries and anxieties:

  • Fear of suffering,
  • The fear of leaving life, its pleasures, its sensations; even these tiny sufferings become precious and are missed;
  • Fear of abandoning loved ones, stopping loving, stop being loved;
  • Fear of the very moment of the “step”;
  • Fear of judgment in the afterlife;
  • Fear of the underworld;
  • Fear of getting old, of losing your beauty;

The almost generalized fear of decrepitude, since the human being incessant wonders about his death with the terrible “when,” accompanied by the frightening “where” and “with whom,” and sometimes even more terrifying, “how.”

If, then, we must first learn to live without fear, with the idea of ​​death, the best way to attend to it is to prepare it, during its life, “ante mortem.”


  • Generally, this type of fear is treated by specialists with assisted therapies.
  • The patient must acknowledge his fear and seek the necessary help.
  • The specialist will apply the necessary treatment, such as cognitive therapy.
  • It can also be combined with drugs that mainly help people calm the anguish generated by the fear of dying.

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