Fear Of Rain (Pluviophobia): Causes, Symptoms, Overcoming

Fear of rain or homophobia- pluviophobia is fear of rain, a fairly common anxiety disorder seen in children and adults. Ombrophobia originates from the Greek ‘Ombros,’ which means ‘rainstorm,’ and phobias which means ‘fear or aversion.’ The term homophobia has even been used to describe certain species of plants called homophobes and oenophiles, whose root systems have developed in a way that allows them to capture water directly from atmospheric precipitation.

Typically, younger children are known to suffer more from Ombrophobia than adults. Some fear the heavy rains that accompany storms (strong winds, thunder, and lightning), while others fear even light rain or drizzle.

Thus, fear of rain can be accompanied by several different phobias such as fear of lightning and thunder (Astraphobia), fear of fog (Homichlophobia), fear of flooding (Antlofobia), and fear of drowning ( Aquaphobia).

Causes of Ombrophobia

  • Rain is essential for the growth of crops, replenishing our freshwater sources, and, in general, sustaining life on earth.
  • In moderate amounts, rain is good and sometimes even evokes romantic feelings.
  • This natural element has inspired many love songs.
  • However, with the arrival of rain, conditions similar to storms also occur.
  • It usually gets dark as thunderous clouds gather at the top, blocking the sunlight.
  • Rain is often accompanied by lightning, thunder, and flooding. Heavy rains cause damage to life and property through landslides, building collapses, major power failures, etc.
  • These negative experiences can make one fear the rain, mainly after having experienced them firsthand.
  • In the Amazon region, it rains almost 80 inches on average.
  • This leads to the thick growth of the forest that is home to reptiles and other dangerous predators.
  • Many people who live in these areas may fear rain due to these factors.

The expression ‘it is raining heavily’ has often been used to describe weighty rains. Many cases of real frogs and toads (even fish) raining down on people have occurred in some areas. In the early 1800s, “frog and toad” storms occurred in Sheffield, England, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Such “amphibian rains” happen when weather conditions and strong winds pick up frogs to dump in other areas. Movies and television shows that show this scientific phenomenon can aggravate the fear of anxious people.

  • Rains often lead to viral illnesses or the spread of bacteria. Nosophobia people (people who fear disease or germs) may be afraid of rain.
  • Extreme cases of acid rain have led to severe burns, causing victims to have an intense and lifelong fear of rain.
  • Therefore, there are different causes of homophobia, and they vary from one individual to another.

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Symptoms of Ombrophobia / Pluviophobia

Symptoms of Ombrophobia

Like any other phobia, homophobia also produces a variety of symptoms that can vary from person to person. Children who have this phobia typically show the following signs:

  • Screaming, crying continuously
  • Shaking uncontrollably and begging to be taken home
  • Asking questions like “will we flood”?
  • Constantly looking at the sky to monitor the rains
  • Refusing to go outside when it rains
  • Adults with this phobia may
  • You have a high heartbeat
  • Show increased anxiety or have a full-blown panic attack
  • Continuously monitor weather forecasts to see if there is forecasted rain
  • They tremble, tremble or feel like fleeing or hiding, etc.

Some other symptoms of fear of rain phobia include

  • Thoughts about dying, being incoherent, being unable to express yourself, feeling numb, etc.
  • Naturally, these symptoms can affect the daily life of sufferers, especially in places where it rains frequently.
  • Phobics also tend to withdraw or become socially depressed.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this phobia.

Treat and overcome the fear of rain.

  • Children with this phobia generally tend to overcome it once they are more mature.
  • However, parents should encourage them to talk about their fears, which can help overcome anxiety. Speaking to the school nurse or teacher can also help parents deal with this problem, especially when the child shows extreme pressure or has a crying fit every time it rains or floods.
  • Rain phobics or adults with a rain phobia might undergo exposure therapy that involves exposure to light rain to relearn ways to overcome their anxiety response.
  • Gradually, through controlled deep breathing, one can overcome Ombrophobia once and for all.
  • Other therapies such as counseling, hypnotherapy, and CBT / cognitive behavior therapies can also help overcome the fear of rain.

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