Fear Of Responsibility: Cause, Treatment

Fear of responsibility or hypengophobia is usually caused by some traumatic incident in the past, or by a strict childhood. Fortunately, the condition is very curable.


Many of us are familiar with common fears like agoraphobia , claustrophobia, etc., but have you ever heard of the term “hypengophobia”? Very few could have found this word, and most of them are perhaps counselors or psychologists.

For starters, hypengofobia is essentially an abnormal, irrational, and overwhelming fear of responsibility of any kind. A person suffering from this condition generally shows signs of being self-indulgent, and neglects their responsibilities, often at the expense of the people around them, their family members, friends, and colleagues.

However, some people who are faced with hypengophobia may even run away from their responsibilities and blame others for the mistakes that stem from their lack of responsibility.

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What causes it?

Although the root cause of hypengophobia remains doubtful, mental health experts unanimously believe that it is triggered due to some real-life trauma that a person suffered in the past.

And it is the traumatic experience that the individual regularly and constantly relates to responsibility. Perhaps the suffering person was trusted to do something they did not do, leading to extremely unfavorable consequences.

Or perhaps, in childhood, the patient was brought up by very strict parents, which led them to rebel against responsibility. No matter what the cause of hypengophobia is for an individual, it always produces emotional confusion and anxiety , which disrupts the functional abilities of the sufferer.

What Are The Prominent Symptoms?

There are no typical signs of hypengophobia, as symptoms can vary from one person to another. Some patients may begin to perspire when faced with a liability. They may even feel nauseous or uncomfortable. Those who are extremely comprehended by fear may even experience panic attacks, paralyzing nervousness, and so on.

Treatment for fear of responsibility

Most people who suffer from hypengophobia diagnose themselves by making them believe that their fear is irrational because it compromises their ability to function properly on a regular basis.

But many Bondi psychologists suggest several therapies that can be used to treat this abnormal phobia: psychotherapy , behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, and exposure therapy.

Sometimes a therapist can even prescribe medication, but the drugs used only help treat anxiety. It is the mental therapy techniques that are directed towards the fear of gradually reducing it and then eliminating it completely.

If you or someone you know is a victim of hypengophobia, then immediately make an appointment with a reputable Bondi counselor to begin the treatment process as soon as possible.

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