How To Memorize Faster – Techniques To Achieve It.

Many people find it a bit difficult to memorize different things and perhaps a large group is asked and many will say that to achieve it you must repeat that something you want to memorize many times, the problem is that remembering something is required more than that and it is learning and we all learn in different ways. So how to memorize faster than others, very simple, in this article you will learn how to master the art of remembering so that you can start memorizing a ton of data in a short period of time.

The memory is important in adulthood because it also supports all types of learning enriching life, from remembering the value of football statistics several seasons (very important for very loyal fans) to learn a new language.

What kind of learner are you?

Before you begin, you need to establish something: are you an auditory, visual, or experiential learner?

If you are an auditory learner, then the most effective way to pick up information is by listening to it. As you can imagine, visual learners prefer to see something to learn it, and experiential learners are more like learning from events and experiences (or doing something with the material).

Most of us are a combination of at least two of these categories, but I will indicate which step is the most favorable for your most enjoyable learning style so that you can start memorizing things quickly and efficiently.

auditory learner

If you learn best by listening to things and can retain information that comes to you orally, you are probably an auditory learner. Here are some characteristics to help you determine if you are:

  • You remember, in great detail, the information you hear in conversations or conferences.
  • He has a well-developed vocabulary, an appreciation of words, and a strong linguistic ability to learn new languages ​​with relative ease.
  • You are a good speaker and can have interesting conversations, articulating your ideas clearly.
  • You have musical talent and the ability to hear individual tones, rhythms, and notes in a chord or ensemble.

visual learner

If things are visually easier for you and are well maintained, you are probably the type of person who collects information visually, if you see it, you can understand it. Ways that make it easier for you include:

  • Information on pictures, charts, or diagrams is much easier to remember than the same information presented verbally.
  • Visualize things as you learn them, often looking into the distance as if you are “seeing” the information.
  • They create vivid images of information in your mind, when you learn the Articles of the Constitution, you can imagine yourself in the room with the Founding Fathers as they discuss them.
  • His spatial skills are very strong: sizes, shapes, textures, angles, perspectives – all of this is easy to understand.
  • You can “read” people by their body language , knowing what they really think, even when they say something else.
  • You are very aware of your surroundings and have a great appreciation for aesthetics, art, and other visual media.

Useful techniques on how to memorize faster

To better memorize things one will cultivate certain study techniques while studying or doing any work. Here are some tips that explain how to memorize things easily and quickly to remember.


To optimize your memorization session, pay close attention to the environment you choose. For most people this means choosing an area with few distractions, although some people thrive on learning in public areas, find out what’s most conducive to their learning so you can get started.

Then start sipping some tea, it could link you to mounds of scientific studies confirming green tea as a natural catalyst for improving memory . Mechanically speaking, our ability to recall information comes down to force between neurons in our mind, which are connected by synapses, the more you exert the synapse (repetition), the stronger it will be, resulting in the ability to memorize.

As we age, toxic chemicals will damage our neurons and synapses, leading to memory loss and even Alzheimer’s . However, green tea contains compounds that block this toxicity and make brain cells function properly for much longer.

be attentive

Most of the time, while doing certain work, a person may be less attentive and thus may forget things or work later. This type of behavior can create a certain type of memory problem, there is the possibility that the person may forget what he was really supposed to do.

This type of memory leak can only occur due to inattentive behavior. Therefore, being alert can save forgetting things easily, concentrating will not allow the mind to ignore it.

Record what you are memorizing

This is especially useful if you are trying to memorize information from a conference, use a tape recorder to track all the acquired facts that are spoken and listened to.

If you are trying to memorize a speech, record your reading aloud and listen to yourself speaking. This is obviously more useful for auditory learners, but it is also useful because it ensures that you are getting more context from a lecture that will help you learn the information faster.

Write everything

Before you start trying to retrieve everything from memory, write and rewrite the information, this will help you familiarize yourself with what you are trying to memorize.

Doing this while listening to your tape recorder can also help you preserve a large amount of data, it is more useful for experienced students.

Section your notes

Now that you have everything written in a set of notes, separate them into sections, it is ideal for visual learners, especially if you use color coding to differentiate between subjects, this will help you to break everything down and start to compartmentalize the information that is being recorded in your brain.

Apply repetition to cumulative memorization

For each line of text, repeat it a few times and try to retrieve it without looking. As you memorize each set of text, be cumulative by adding the new information to what you have just learned, this will prevent everything within your short-term memory from fading away.

How does this work? It is actually related to two different modes of brain functioning: System 1 and System 2, you’d better take a look at how these systems work if you want to improve your memory. Keep doing this until you’ve memorized that section and can remember everything, don’t move on to another section until you’ve fully memorized that one.

It is primarily visual learning, but if you are speaking out loud then you are also applying hearing.

Visualize and create a memory palace.

Now that you have a basic outline of your speech, assign each point a mental picture. For example, if you want to talk about your company’s profits, you can create a mental image of a bag of money (or a dollar sign). Do this for each point, and don’t be shy, you can make it as weird and quirky as you want (no one will know).

After this, you can create a “Memory Palace,” which is an ancient memory technique that takes advantage of our brain’s impressive spatial memory to help us memorize lists (or an outline, in this case). The basic idea is to use your imagination to place these mental images in a room that you are very familiar with, so for example, you can imagine walking into your room and seeing a giant money bag on your bed, and then placing other mental images in the room as if you were scanning.

Teach it to someone (or yourself)

The most effective method for me when I was in school was teaching or telling the information to someone else or just standing in front of the mirror and explaining everything in an impromptu way. If what you learned needs to be recited verbatim, then do it in front of someone as well to get an idea of ​​what it will be like to recite the text to the intended audience.

Listen properly

The ability to listen also plays an important role, there is a high possibility of forgetting things if we do not listen completely. Most of the time, this happens when a person is busy with something and someone tells them to do something else, but because the person heard it incompletely, they might eventually forget about it and that can create problems for themselves or others for whom that gives them certainty. So listening carefully to things is important memorization tricks.

Memorize it by relating it to something common

If a person needs to memorize certain things, then he can memorize them by relating them to something common in his life. Most try to make things easier for them by incorporating them into their daily life so that they can get used to them, therefore, these kinds of habits can allow a person to maintain healthy memory power.

Take a break

Finally, let your mind breathe, go for a short time without thinking about what you just learned and come back later.

You will discover what you really know and this will help you focus on the sections where you could be weaker. Try these strategies now and it will be easier for you to memorize things faster.

Healthy habits to improve memory skills

Although many do not believe it, habits greatly influence our memory capacity, and these include:

Maintain healthy sleep hours

If a person who is active at night can use their sleep time to memorize certain things and that can affect their sleep, it can reach a level where they can feel a bit lazy and unhealthy because of their lack of sleep and this leads to losing your memory accordingly.

The stress will generally be the reason for a dream inadequate. Therefore, having a deep sleep prevents memory loss and is proven as the best tips for memorizing.

Healthy exercise

A person can even improve their memory by maintaining a healthy exercise routine every day. A healthy body can result in a healthy mind and this can help a human mind to function better.

Most of the people who experience laziness and boredom, it is possible that they may experience some kind of memory problems in their daily life, that is why it is advisable that if you need to have excellent memory power then you need to maintain your body healthy through exercise or whatever is healthy for the body.

Engaging healthy foods

It is not the mind that helps a person maintain healthy memory power. A person needs to understand that in order to develop excellent memory power, they need to eat healthy foods that can help them improve their memory capacity.

For example, involving almonds can be helpful for those who want to prevent their memory problems. There are people who believe that eating soaked almonds in the morning can create an excellent memory boost.

Benefits of memory boost activities

Benefits of memory boost activities

There are different types of memorization methods that can help improve a person’s memory power. To grow in one’s career and to get out of all the obstacles and shortcomings, you must develop under the activities and be recognized in your environment, there are certain benefits of having a good memory.

Learning something new

When a person engages in some of the activities to increase memory or memorization skills, they may experience something new and different in their life. These memory-boosting activities will help you realize the value of a good, healthy mind and body. They develop by learning new things that help to remember effectively.

Create excitement

As explained above, incorporating something new and different into our daily lives can make a difference in our own lifestyle. For example, if a person who used to forget many things and was never able to complete their daily work without forgetting them, then it is good for them if they start to involve these activities in their daily routine to improve their memory capacity. Eventually, the improvement in memory power creates excitement in our daily routine.

Appreciation is built

Most people who used to get into trouble due to their forgetful nature or behavior can try to think about using these activities to boost memory. Once they start working on these activities, they may be able to receive some kind of recognition for their efforts to improve their memory capacity.

Therefore, this kind of appreciation can build a certain kind of confidence in a person’s life without problems.

Keep balance

Most people think that memory can be confusing about a certain part of their life, they even think that forgetting things can improve life, but it is not true.

If a person needs to forget things on purpose, then it is impossible because making an effort to forget them can make things worse, instead he / she can engage these activities to improve the balance of his / her healthy mind and body.

It is a challenge

Incorporating memory-boosting activities can be challenging for those who are comfortable forgetting things. Most of the people who used to feel comfortable in their lazy and forgotten life, they will consider these memory boosting activities as a challenge and eventually fly away when they overcome this difficult task. Therefore, if a person needs to push their limits, then they must definitely challenge themselves to be successful in their life.

Create emotions

Once a person begins to regain his memory by gaining power, then the possibility of maintaining the daily work will be easier. Ultimately, it improves emotion in personal and professional life.

Finally, now that you know how to memorize faster, I hope you put into practice each of the techniques in addition to the habits that are important in these cases.

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